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10 Best Types of Tacos That You Must Try


What is Taco

A taco is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of a small hand-sized corn or wheat tortilla topped with a filling. The tortilla is then folded around the filling and eaten by hand. There are so many types of tacos in Mexico.

The types of tacos that you can find in Mexico vary greatly depending on what region of the country you’re in.

Types of Tacos

If you visit Ensenada, you’ll likely discover the entirety of your tacos wrapped by a delicate flour tortilla. Head to Mexico City and corn is the best.

One isn’t “progressively Mexican” than the other. Both are found in various pieces of the nation, both are loaded up with astounding things, and both are called tacos.

The dependable guideline is fundamentally that the Northern conditions of Mexico will in general use flour tortillas and from the Central area south, you’ll be filling corn tortillas for your tacos.

Obviously, you can in any case discover flour tortillas in Central Mexico and I’ve had some genuinely flavorful tacos in Tijuana made with corn tortillas.

Regardless of what they’re made of however, attempt to discover places that are making them new to arrange. There is genuinely nothing more otherworldly than a newly made tortilla, quite hot off the comal and loaded up with a meat of your choice.

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Types of Tacos in Mexico

These are all of the best types of tacos that you’ll see in Mexico.

Suadero Tacos

This is one of my untouched most loved kinds of tacos. Suadero is quite often produced using meat. It’s really the name of the cut of meat that is utilized to make this sort of taco.

The suadero meat originates from the piece of the bovine between the leg and the midsection. At most taco stands, the meat is gradually cooked in creature fat alongside the entirety of different cuts of meat.

When it’s prepared to eat it is as delicate as room temperature margarine. It’s rich with hamburger flavor and generally somewhat oily from the meat fat.

Make certain to top it with a hot salsa to slice through the fat and top it with some onion, lime, and cilantro.

Barbacoa Tacos

Barbacoa is really a style of cooking where meat is moderate broiled in a pit or open fire. Presently, be that as it may, it for the most part alludes to a particular sort of taco, the barbacoa taco.

Barbacoa tacos are made distinctively everywhere throughout the nation. Customarily, it is made with sheep or goat, yet I’ve seen meat utilized often also.

These moderate simmered meat is a well known dinner for large gatherings or festivities. Since it takes such a long time to make, it’s not as a rule something individuals have each week.

Aside from in Mexico City obviously, where barbacoa will in general be a Sunday custom. You can discover it at cafés and showcases everywhere throughout the city on ends of the week.

Pastor Tacos

I might be completely one-sided in light of the fact that I live in Mexico City, yet there is nothing superior to a decent pastor taco. This Lebanese-combination food began here in Mexico City, however you can think that its everything over the nation now.

Minister is constantly made with pork here in Mexico. While in the US you may think that its made with chicken or hamburger, except if it is determined something else, realize that pastor tacos are made with pork meat.

If you haven’t watched the pastor taco episode of Taco Chronicles on Netflix, then I highly recommend checking it out.

You realize you’ve discovered a spot with pastor when you see an immense orange “trompo” or schwarma like meat being cooked outside the café or taco stand. It’s made by setting slender cuts of marinated pork onto a stick. The best ones are cooked “al carbon” or by coal.

The most widely recognized approach to have it is with cilantro, onion, and pineapple on top.


Bistec is basically steak. It’s normally cut very thing and cooked rapidly on a level top. This is the sort of road taco that pretty much every taco merchant will make.

It’s straightforward, generally presented with either cooked cebollitas (little, cooked white onions) or crude white onion and cilantro. In case you’re a critical eater and aren’t keen on the more fascinating contributions, you’ll generally locate a respectable bistec taco some place.

Carnitas Tacos

Carnitas or little meats, are a sort of taco filling produced using pork. The pork is moderate broiled, truly from nose to tail (you’ll likely discover some of both the nose and tail in your taco in case you’re fortunate!).

You can select to simply request maciza which is the entirety of the kind of white meat parts of the pig. This incorporates some midsection, a few cleaves, and what’s called chamorro, or the shank.

This is the cleanest kind of carnitas taco and should be topped with some hot salsa.

The other alternative that you will be gotten some information about is surtido. Surtido resembles a blend of the entirety of the bits of the pig. There will be bits of clingy and delectable fat and skin just as bits of white meat. They for the most part toss a couple of pieces of chicharron on the top (seared pork skin like pork popping).

This is a marginally heavier and greasier carnitas taco. It certainly needs onion, cilantro, lime, and zesty salsa to slice through, however it is completely delightful.

Chorizo & Longaniza

I put these two sorts of tacos together on the rundown since they are very comparative.

I have attempted to do a ton of research on the contrasts among chorizo and longaniza. I have done a great deal of perusing and solicited a ton from Mexicans, and well, it’s generally still muddled to me.

This is what I know without a doubt. Both are made with pork. Both are made with a touch of meat and a touch of fat. They additionally both have a ton of paprika in them.

Chorizo is made with ground meat where longaniza is minced. What’s the distinction among ground and minced I hear you inquire? Ground meat experiences a processor. Minced meat is made by finely hacking the meat.

In Mexico, Chorizo is relieved for a brief period and longaniza is scarcely restored (in some cases it isn’t relieved in any way).

Whichever pork wiener you pick, make certain to have one of every a taco. It’s delicious.


There are huge amounts of various sorts of guisados. You have red rice with hard boiled eggs, nopales with onions, fried eggs with tomato sauce, or rajas with cream (rajas cuts of cooked poblano bean stews).

There are meat-substantial alternatives like potato and chorizo or picadillo, which is ground hamburger with vegetables. Tinga, which is chicken cooked with chipotle and onions, is additionally a famous choice.

This is just about the nearest sort of taco you’ll get the opportunity to home cooking in Mexico. Each Mexican mother realizes how to make these regular guisados and they’re constantly presented with decent warm tortillas.

Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita Pibil tacos are one of the nation’s generally celebrated and cherished kinds of tacos.

They are made for the most part from pork andoriginated in the Yucatan, the state where you discover Merida and Chichen Itza.

Fortunately, you would now be able to discover it in Mexico City, as well.

This pork dish is made by moderate cooking the pork in a sauce produced using achiote bean stew glue and oranges. In some cases different flavors like cloves and cinnamon are included.

On the off chance that you are in Merida, make certain to have it at La Lupita. On the off chance that in Mexico City, you can’t miss the cochinita pibil tacos.


Lechon isn’t actually a meat that begins from Mexico, however it is amazingly well known in the Yucatan as a morning meal food. While it may not be the most nutritious beginning to your day, it merits getting up and over to the taco stands early so you don’t pass up this delectable kind of Mexican taco.

In any case, you’ll additionally likely find lechon tacos in Mexico City and a couple of different urban communities along the east shore of the nation and you should not have to have it before 11am.

Lechon is moderate simmered pork, normally cooked over an open fire and at times on a spit. It’s unfathomably delicious and somewhat greasy. It’s typically presented with a cut of crunchy pork skin on (dislike chicharron).

Tacos de Canasta

One of the most scrumptious and misjudged tacos in Mexico is tacos de canasta or bushel tacos.

I strongly suggest viewing the tacos de canasta scene on Taco Chronicles which speaks about the historical backdrop of this customary “working man’s” taco.

These sorts of tacos are made promptly in the first part of the day. The three most normal fillings are chicharron, potato, and refried beans.

The tacos are heaped high inside a bin, yet the bushel is fixed with a thick plastic pack.

At that point bubbling hot oil is poured over the top and the pack is fixed so the tacos remain warm throughout the day.

You’ll see these tacos at soccer matches, on traffic intersections, and at little taco eateries. They are unbelievably modest (normally 5 pesos each or less). They are delicate from steaming throughout the day, and they are pressed with flavor.

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