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Different Types of Momos That You Must Try


There are less delights in life as incredible as a plate brimming with momos. In the event that you don’t consent to this, well, we are plainly going to pass judgment on you. These minuscule pockets of bliss loaded up with the most flavorful filling advance toward our souls the second they land on our plate. The hot stew garlic sauce and mayo simply add to the uniqueness of this Tibetan delicacy. In the event that you have had enough of the chicken, keema, paneer, vegetables (or afghani, so far as that is concerned) momos, here’s a totally different universe of momos hanging tight for you to affirm your affection. Here is the List Different Types of Momos That You Must Try.

Momos are extravagant dumplings loaded down with an assortment of ground meat (sheep, chicken, sheep) or vegetables. It is accepted that Momos most likely began in China and went through Tibet to the Himalayan areas and made a safe spot for themselves on the culinary guide of India. These steamed dumplings which have for quite some time been a huge piece of Tibetan and Nepali foods, have bit by bit gathered numerous fans the nation over. From Delhi to Mumbai and Kolkata to Bengaluru, Momos have effectively attacked eateries, bistros and street food fare.

Here Are The List of All Types of Momos :

Chocolate Momos

A melange of two of the most flavorful food things on earth, this combo bodes well! Loaded up with chocolate sauce and covered again with more chocolate on the top, this is a great treat to all chocolate lovers out there.

Chilli Momos

In the event that you are in for something hot and fiery, you will adore these steamed momos dunked in hot bean stew sauce, soya sauce and tomato ketchup. Prepare to set your taste buds ablaze!

Gravy Tandoori Momos

Marinated and broiled in the oven, this interesting style of momos is presented with sauce. Trust us, you are going to adore this desi tadka to momos!

Butter Chicken Momos

In all honesty, there’s something many refer to as BBQ momos also and the star of this menu is the spread chicken momos. The customary chicken momos are suffocated in margarine chicken sauce to add the ideal punjabi tadka to the dish.

Mozzarella Achari Cheese Momos

The mix of the cheesy and achari marinade feels like paradise to the gourmet. The decision of filling is again absolutely yours-paneer, chicken, or veggies, whatever entices you more.

Tandoori Malai Momos

all types of momos

The creamy version of roasted momos, these dumplings are stacked with yogurt, cream and parts and loads of flavors.

Jhol Momos

Local to Nepalese cooking, these momos are plunged in a bowl of jhol achar (a sort of sauce). Hot, zesty and tart, these are a treat to the taste buds, especially in the colder months.

Kothe Momos

These seared momos are the Himalayan version of your normal momos. They are dunked in tempting sauces to give them their novel flavor. The decision of sauce relies absolutely upon your taste buds. You can look over schezwan sauce, stew garlic sauce, pesto sauce or some other sauce.

Masala Momos

types of momos

Prepared in chinese sauce, masala momos are again a joy for the individuals who are enamored with everything fiery.

Kurkure Momos

A significant fury in Delhi, kurkure momos are steamed momos that are covered with a crunchy base and afterward pan fried. The decision of stuffing differs from paneer and chicken to fish and veggies.

Shogo Shabril Momos

The exemplary blend of potatoes and meat, these heavenly momos are presented with pudina or pepper-bean stew chutney. These are All types of momos.

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